Product Design Agency Bolzano Zerofra | The creation of the leather bags arises from the need to enrich the model of the Leaos Pure electric bicycle. In fact, they are side bags designed to be attached to the luggage rack. In addition, they can be purchased as simple shoulder bags. This little idea has made them real best sellers.

Client: LEAOS

handmade South Tyrol Italy
Bag design

Product Design Agency – Panniers for e-bikes

My target is the luxury customer. So, I didn’t take production costs into account in my creative process. Or rather, it takes a back seat to durability, the type of stitching, the material used(…) The bags are designed with the utmost attention to detail and finishes using the highest quality materials. The fastening system to the luggage rack is very light and almost indestructible. Finally, I made a laser-engraved steel plate with the Leaos logo / brand.

Bolzano Design Agency

Each bag is made in South Tyrol and handcrafted by the Embawo agency

This is how the Embawo design agency introduces itself: “Embawo stands for high-quality, handmade, wooden and leather bags with an elegant design. Each part is a unique piece made by nature. Emabawo stands for class, clean and harmonious lines and natural design Made in Italy. The design agency was founded in 2009 and its vision is to use wood, the wonderful raw material, in fashion as well. The wood is timelessly beautiful, one-of-a-kind and radiates a special warmth. In the same way, wood is a renewable raw material and therefore allows for very sustainable production. Our products are made from predominantly regional wood species from South Tyrol – Bolzano – (Italy) with great attention to detail and quality and the highest level of craftsmanship.”