The soft and elegant curves of the Foil design table are the expression of the material used: starkryl®. A designer should always highlight the peculiarities of a material used. Especially if it’s an innovative material like starkryl®. The Foil design table is made from a slab. It is first laser cut and then thermoformed.

tavolo di design
design table

The design table and the starkryl® material

The material has high aesthetic and functional performance. Composed of aluminum hydroxide and trihydroxide, high-quality PMMA and color pigments. Starkryl® is produced in sheets of different sizes. Thanks to the thermoforming process, original shapes with an interesting aesthetic appeal can be created. For this reason, they lend themselves to applications for the bathroom, kitchen and interior design ideas. It can be cut, milled, drilled and sanded with woodworking machines. The material can be bent with a membrane press or with a mould and counter-mould, after having previously heated the slabs (160° – 180° for 1 min. per mm). The application of the edges is carried out with acrylic glues, as well as the assembly of the tanks and the joints.



Foil was presented to the public for the first time in 2015;  achieving a huge success with the public, because it is unique. The measurements are 180 cm long by 90 cm deep. The structure of the table has two colours. One white and one black. While tempered glass is available in various colors. (crystal, opal white and smoked).