Zerofra Industrial design studio.
Full Service in the field of product design
and in the field of visual design.

francesco Sommacal

“Skills and passion
are the basis
of all my projects.”



I offer my skills and creativity throughout the entire product development process.

Market analysis

Design phase in which the main characteristics of a product are defined in relation to the market and the type of object.

3D Engineering

The idea turns into something tangible. The product is developed and refined using shape models, 3D prints, and mathematical models.


Creating a prototype is the last step before production. Prototypes serve as a tool for controlling the design and its effectiveness.



I support and accompany the client throughout the creative process related to business communication.

Website and e-commerce development

I create web and e-commerce pages ensuring maximum flexibility of development and use. My support doesn’t end with the delivery of the work; but it continues over the years.

Graphic design and advertising communication

I create Branding, Corporate Identity, Logos and everything that a company needs for its communication. Benefiting from a background as an industrial designer, I am able to add a greater functional and practical component to the creative process.

Animation and Movies

Currently, they are among the most powerful means of communication. In this context, I cooperate with “Reframe Production”, a film studio.


/// I graduated in 2006 from the Free University of Bolzano (Faculty of Design and Art); where today I am a project assistant and digital modeling teacher. I have worked and cooperated with design studios both in South Tyrol and abroad, designing objects for local and international companies. /// For me, Design is “designing with a spirit of innovation, driven by the continuous exploration of what surrounds me”. /// In 2011 I founded my studio Zerofra Design in Colle Isarco – South Tyrol – where I deal with industrial design and visual communication.

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