I worked for a short time at the Code2Design studio founded by Michael Schmidt (Stuttgart. Under Michael’s supervision I had the opportunity to work on various projects. Below is an industrial design project, where my contribution was the 3D engineering of the product.

Supervisor: Michael Schmidt, founder of Studio

industrial design italy

Michael Schmidt and Francesco Sommacal

The role of an industrial designer is to find solutions; In a nutshell: solving problems of form, functionality, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development, sustainability, and sales. In fact, in 2009 I worked at the design studio Code2design. Where I followed various projects, especially in the field of bathroom furniture. The LAYA SPOT I Project was different. In the sense that I was lucky, thanks to Michael, to contribute substantially to the evolution of the project and the creative process. Starting from the first sketches to conclude with the creation of a plastic mold.

Plastic Mold
laya spot

Industrial Design and Innovation

The very first test object was made of polymers to define all functional and formal aspects. In conclusion, I created the entire mathematical model using Rhino. It was an exciting and engaging work challenge that gave me the opportunity to grow professionally. Francesco Sommacal – Industrial Design Italy.

Prototyping South Tyrol