The mission of this project is to reinvent the electric bicycle from the ground up. I came up with a unique design. In fact, it is neither a classic bicycle nor a moped. A compact and elegant electric bicycle, with a clean line of great visual impact that does not go unnoticed.

Client: LEAOS

Red-Dot Luminary

“Pure” the design e-bike

Bringing this project to market was a real challenge. My vision and intuition have given birth to a hugely successful electric bicycle: both economical and innovative. I carried out the project over two years, where I took care of every single detail; from the surface finish to the individual screws. In fact, all the functional and electronic components are enclosed within a carbon and Kevlar monoblock. The central motor, battery, lights, chain and all wiring are housed within the frame itself. The body of the bike is a harmonious line that starts at the rear wheel and ends at the fork.

e-bike design made in italy
Designer electric bicycle
designer Francesco-Sommacal

The entire engineering was created in Rhino. Carbon fiber and Kevlar monocoque.

The minimum care in every single detail.

I have customized colors and materials for companies such as: “Deutsche Telekom”, “Luis Trenker”, “Paulaner”(…). In fact, the e-bike is designed to be easily customized. The monocoque is designed to be combined with other materials, such as wood, leather and aluminium.

Luis Trenker ebike
e-bike materials

Not only Industrial Design, but also Corporate Identity

In addition to the Pure e-bike, which among other things won a RedDot Design Award, I developed the entire corporate identity of the company. (until 2014). I took care of brochures, books, the web page and everything that was part of LEAOS corporate communication. In short, I was not only involved in the design of the electric bicycles, but also in their advertising communication.