The project aims at a video production with a strong visual impact. In fact, the animations, colors and style reflect the company’s philosophy. I designed and developed a commercial video to tell in a fairytale way how the customer must behave in front of the machine. In other words, the steps you need to take to prepare a cup of FrozenYogurt. The video, in addition to being a huge success on social media, runs in loop on a monitor placed next to the machine.

Client: YO! FrozenYogurt s.a.s.

The production of a video and Storytelling

“Communicating for business means applying storytelling strategies to companies and products. Therefore, it means designing engaging communication tools that know not only how to inform but also and above all to excite, amaze and move”. In other words, designing and developing videos is a real art.
All this is possible thanks to a vision made possible by commitment and work. Starting with a storyboard: always tailored to the customer and the target to which you want to communicate. A video production is a corporate storytelling that aims to improve its image with the ultimate aim of increasing its turnover.

2D animation in South Tyrol
zerofra design
Video production in South Tyrol

The style of a movie

“Style tells the story of who you are.” I am convinced that the stylistic choice of a film is of fundamental importance. The sounds, the movements, the colors, the actors (…) tell and communicate a story. In other words, how the story is told affects the success or failure of a video production. In fact, over time, I have created a network of qualified people who support me on a technical and equipment level.

palette colour
font motion
frozen yogurt cup


Various graphics: flyers, labels, business cards, t-shirts and ice cream cups.