Treeline Agency is a young company based in Austria, engaged in the resale of big American brands such as Yeti and Pura Vida. I designed and created the web page that includes a “Virtual Tour”. The layout is intuitive and simple; where graphic modularity is required for future expansions. Design & Programming: Graphic Design Agency Zerofra Design South Tyrol – Bolzano

Client: Treeline Agency

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Virtual Tour

The Virtual Tour allows the user to enter a three-dimensional space. It is possible to create indoor and outdoor spaces of all kinds: from hotel rooms to entire museums. It is a technology developed by Virtregio. In this case, a showroom was created to showcase some products in the Yeti section. The virtual tour can be transformed into a real online store, giving the user a virtual experience of excellent quality and performance.


Style of Treeline Galleries

The style of the galleries, within the site, are of the masonry gallery type with square blocks; easy to edit via CMS. Currently, Treeline Agency is engaged in the resale of major American brands such as Yeti and Pura Vida.

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Graphic design agency in South Tyrol – Bolzano

The style of the Treeline page is simple and intuitive. Built in blocks so that it can be expanded and changed in a short time. In fact, the fonts are clearly readable (Playfair Display for the H1 and H2 and Roboto for the paragraphs) and the colors take up a natural turquoise shade, with an implementation of yellow. The creation of the web page includes a sandwich menu, which is optimal for a linear sheet structure such as the one used for the design of the website. Finally, is a multilingual site that uses WPML as a writer. WPML is a high-performance plugin from every point of view; especially for everything related to SEO. Graphic design agency in South Tyrol – Bolzano.

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